Disney face masks in resort stores?

We are looking to get a few Disney themed face masks during our trip (no park tickets). I’d imagine that the resort stores have them, but can anyone verify? I’d also be interested to know if the selection is different based on location. I don’t have my eye on any design in particular, but it would be nice to see a wide selection before choosing.

All the resort shops have a wide selection of masks. I’ve personally seen them at poly, CR , CSR, YC, GF, WL

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Yeah. They were available pretty much everywhere. Some had more selection than others.


selection differences do occur.

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I also noticed that the masks on WDW property are now $9.99 while at the Disney Store at my local mall they are still $5.99

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Oh yikes! When they first reopened, they were 4 for $20!

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We left WDW 20 December. I saw plenty of masks offered for sale. At SSR and WL and lots of stores in all parks. Tho I didn’t take pictures of the mask racks it seemed the same half dozen or so were offered everywhere.
I didn’t see any I was compelled to buy. My niece got a cute black and red one to go with her Minnie outfits.

And she got a new hat. Both my niece and grand niece got new hats. My sister and I bought new outerwear.