Disney engaging in mitigation to start some "new projects"?

In short, Disney bought up a bunch of wetlands near the Disney preserve to allow them to do some development on wetlands on property.

Here’s the text that really made me take note:

Disney’s permit application to the water management district also seeks to add five parcels totaling more than 800 acres to its permit for potential development. The largest piece, almost 600 acres, stretches from the recently-started Flamingo Crossings hotel-and-retail complex near State Road 429 a mile west to Avalon Road.
Disney said it does not have concrete plans yet for that parcel or the other ones around the edges of its property.
The largest parcel — which includes property owned by Reedy Creek for about 20 years — would be a logical site for another theme park, said Duncan Dickson, who teaches at the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

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I was listening to a podcast recently, (was it wdwnt?) and they were talking about this! They said the land was near AK.

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