Disney email they are going to drop FPP

I got an email from Disney that they are going to drop some FPP we have since we have more FPP than ticket days. We have 5 day park tickets plus one day of Party tickets. On the MNSSHP we booked a 330, 430, and 530 FPP.

Just a heads up! I’m going to call (who do I call?) to clarify the FPP policy bc I’ve read so much contrasting info on this!!

I don’t know who to call, we only have one number in the UK, but @AuntB_luvsDisney might be able to tell you what to do to sort it without a call.

OK- I just called. The number in the US is listed on the email so no problem. Got through and apparently the system sometimes triggers and sometimes does not if you have FPP booked for a party day. The agent said that we can only have 2 FPP during the party because they have to fall within the time Disney allows us in on a party day (4-6). Since FP window ends at 6 pm no matter when the FP is booked (for instance, we have Jungle Cruise from 5:30-6 only) there really is no way to get more than 3 FP. The agent was able to put a note in there just in case Disney DID cancel/drop our last day of FPP. He really recommended calling BEFORE disney drops the FPP to get the note in there so that the CM can go back and give you your FPP back again.

They told someone else this same thing and I don’t believe this to be true. Even after dropping one FP Disney still ended up cancelling the last day of FP. If this were a true statement those individuals with only a party ticket and 3 FP booked would be having problems and they are not.

If you end up being cancelled you might want to refer to this post on options for getting it fixed.

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Not true. Put the party ticket on a dummy profile and you can book 3. After you use your 3 you can continue to book 4,5,etc day of. I have personally done this multiple times—Even booking FP in the morning on my party ticket and using my AP for entry. I eventually scanned my party ticket so the overnight sweep did not lock my dummy profile for scanning FP without an entry scan.

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If you can’t get into MK until 4 and FP+ end at 6, how would you get more than 2 with a party ticket only?

I entered on an AP and had my Party ticket on a dummy profile. I made 6 prebooked FP. My dummy profile/party ticket FP were booked earlier than 4pm

I did have 3 FPP (330-430, 430-530, 530-6) but since the CM told me that I needed to drop the 330 bc it starts outside the party time, I did.

The CM made a note of our 5th day FPP which falls after the party date, and told me to check tomorrow to make sure everything was ok, and to call back at any time if any FPP disappear.

I feel like it’s ok- I would go thru the hassle of the dummy profile but the party day is something like 36 days away so if they can keep my FPP I have right now, that’s better for me anyway.


Watch carefully. My guess is your last day will end up being cancelled anyway.

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I will!!

Well they DID cancel my last day. I called, and the agent was able to read the note that the first guy put in, and he was able to restore 2 FPP (BTMRR, Space) but not 7DMT. So he had put me on hold to talk to the next team (management I guess), but they were too busy, not responding, etc. So he put in a work order for them to restore the FPP for my last park day.

We’ll see what happens. Since our trip is still a ways out I think it will be OK but it’s not super magical to spend time on hold, etc., etc. I’ll update in the end, but I guess I feel like I’ll be checking FPP every day from now on.

In light of this, maybe my advice would be to just put the party tickets to a dummy account or a second MDE, even if that account doesn’t have the 60-day window for booking FPP. I guess both are a hassle, but I think the dummy account is maybe the more “secure” of the options.

Interestingly my DD who has a 4-day ticket and is not with us for the last day (the MK FPP that were dropped) was able to keep her 4-day FPP AND the MNSSHP, so if you plan your party on the last day, then I think perhaps those FPP won’t get dropped?

This is my advice too. I am sorry this happened to you :frowning_face:

It’s OK-- I am pretty sure they’ll make it all right since I called ahead of time and was told that I was OK with the 2 FPP, and that if my last day was dropped they would restore the FPP. It’s just a hassle! And likely an avoidable one.

This was the case with me. We went to the party on 8/28 on our last full day after use by 7day PH and had no issues with our party FPs.

I would go the dummy account route but the party will be our only MK time and I was really wanting to book 60d FP in hopes of getting 7D and SM. Is it mostly random for the FP to be cancelled? I was planning to book my 2 park days (one is after the party) and then the party FP. Does this help?

From what the first CM told me, it is random. The computer catches some, doesn’t catch others, recognizes party ticket as FPP-able, or doesn’t… But he said that the official Disney word to CMs is to allow 2 FPP for the party ticket. I was surprised to get the email from Disney warning that one day of our FPP would be dropped if I didn’t drop one day’s worth of FPP. I don’t know if this is standard procedure, because I’ve heard of the last day FPP just dropping off. Anyway the CM I talked to first told me that it was good to call them and let them know as soon as you get an email/notice a change.

Of course I’m still waiting to see if they restore our 7DMT FPP that was dropped from our last day… I think that they should restore it based on what both CMs have told me, but I guess I’m sorta kinda pessimistic on this.

Do you have room on your resort reservation to add your dummy profiles without extra charges? That is what I did. Unfortunately your party ticket must be linked to an onsite reservation to make FP at 60 days. The umbrella will not work for party ticket like it does for regular tickets.

We booked through MVT so I am not sure if I can modify my reservation? We have 2 rooms at Pop between 5 people. I don’t think I can book in a fifth person at Pop so I don’t think I have enough room anyway.

OK- So after another call to the help desk, I got all the FPP restored. I’m not sure what an “anytime” FP looks like but the one FP we were having trouble with was for 7DMT, and they restored it to us but we do not have a time window. So it just says “Valid on Oct 14” but no time frame. I’m assuming we can use it anytime that day? If so, Yay! It is also listed as an “extra” FPP experience in the notes section.

Also-- Looking at all the FPP for the date that Disney dropped due to the MNSSHP glitch, they all are not able to be modified. They are all listed as bonus, extra FP in the notes section. So that’s interesting. All other days of our FPP can be modified still.