Disney early morning magic

Is Disney early morning Magic the same as Extra Magic hours? Thought I read somewhere that you needed an extra ticket for early morning Magic. We are staying at a Disney resort. From what I’ve read Extra Magic hours is for guests who are staying at a Disney resort.

They’re different. “Extra Magic Hours” are free, but only for WDW resort guests. “Early Morning Magic” is a ticketed thing and costs money and includes a meal. Anyone is able to buy a ticket, so if someone staying offsite wants an early start day, they can do this.

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With the new Early Morning Magic announced, I need to ask an oft asked question: Should we avoid MK Fantasyland that morning if we are not doing EMM? What will the impact be for those of us RDing?

EMM makes very little difference in the overall crowd level. And honestly by the time actual rope drop happened we ran over to Spash and BTMRR or space mountain. On our EMM it was less than 200 guests.