Disney Early Morning Magic - Fantasyland

Hello! Has anyone done this, and if so, is it worth the extra money?

If you have the funds and are an early riser - it’s great!! Plus, you get an all-you-can-eat buffet. Do understand you are going to be getting up very early in the morning. For basically a little more than a character meal you get almost two hours of unlimited rides & food. Here’s TP’s review and what convinced me to try it.

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I did it last year. It’s a rushed experience but the breakfast is good and it’s nice to be able to knock so many headliners off before the parks open so you can move onto other things when everyone else starts their day in the parks.


Yes. It’s definitely worth it. I did it this past February. We got to ride everything in Fantasyland at least once, rope-dropped Buzz Lightyear, and then had breakfast at Cosmic Rays. Disney doesn’t let you in until 7:45 so by the time you actually make it down Main Street and back to Fantasyland, it’s 7:55/8:00. The park opens at 9:00 so that’s only an extra hour for the rides.

I have not done it yet but booked it for my August trip so that we can then head back to the hotel for a nap and pool break in the hottest part of the day. I will report back when I can.

I did it a couple of weeks ago. I agree that in general it is worth it, but I don’t know that the lines are quite a short as they used to be for these events. A few weeks ago the 7DMT was taking around 15 minutes to get on (as opposed to older reports that people were able to completely skip the queue). We also had a situation where 7DMT was down for the first 45 minutes to an hour of the ticketed event, however Disney allowed anyone with an early morning magic band to enter the FPP line until noon to make up for the inconvenience. The breakfast is decent (just make sure to do it after rides since the rides only are exclusive to ticketed guests until park opening and breakfast is offered for an hour after park opening). During the Early Morning Magic, we were able to ride 7DMT 3 times, Peter Pan twice, and everything else once. We will be going back in late July to take our nieces and nephew and have signed up for another Early Morning Magic without regret.