Disney Dropped my FPP for 1 day bc of MNSSHP- How they fixed it!

We had fast passes dropped by Disney(by mistake) and they fixed it. I just wanted to share my experience for anyone else who might be in a similar situation.

So we are going to WDW in 26 days and have 5 park days scheduled and 2 resort days. On one of our resort days we are going to MNSSHP. We booked FPP for our 5 park days and then on the advice of a CM we went back and scheduled FPP for our MNSSHP day even though we didn’t have park tickets for this day. We were told this was allowed but we were warned to do it AFTER we booked our park days so that we did not mess the system up. So we did as we were told and it actually ended up letting me book 3 FPP for our MNSSHP day (7DMT 3:30, Splash 4:30, HM 5:30).

Everything was fine until last week we got an email from Disney warning us that we had too many FPP and that if we did not correct it, they would drop our last day’s worth of FPP. So I called Disney and asked for help and hypothesized that it was our MNSSHP FPP causing the problem and the CM confirmed that was the issue. The problem is I should have only booked 2 FPP for the party, bc I booked 3 it triggered the email warning. So we dropped one of our FPP from the party and the CM assured me it was taken care of and we shouldn’t have any problems BUT if we do have any problems or dropped FPP they will manually reissue them. I begged the CM to please make a note in my account stating just that, as I didn’t really have a good feeling about all of this.

Another week goes by and I check the MDE app and sure enough we are missing out last day of FPP which is our HS day and we had early fast passes for SDD. The odd thing though is we have 4 guests in our party and three of us lost all of our FPP but 1 of us still has all of our original FPP. So I called Disney and apparently this is happening to many other guests as well with MNSSHP tickets and fast passes. So they tried their best to get us our original FPP back but couldn’t get the exact times back. We got our Star Tours back for 9:15am. They could not get our SDD back so we got 3 “anytime” fast passes for SDD. They couldnt get our original ToT FPP back so got us one that was about 45 minutes early. So we ended up with 3 FPP for Star Tours 9:15, SDD Anytime, and 4 FPP for ToT 11:15 and 1 FPP for ToT@11:50(So i ended up with a 5th ToT FPP). The only thing that would potentially be an issue is that these fast passes do not line up with our 4th guest but it works for us bc my wife is pregnant and can’t ride those rides anyway but had she not been pregnant it might have been a slight issue for us. I hope that all makes sense. Anyway I feel like we are in a much better position with the “anytime” SDD fast passes and the 5 ToT FPP.

So in conclusion, Disney is aware this is happening. They are so aware in fact they have created a “task force” to deal with it and the CM called them the “Avengers” bc they are heroes to the CMs. If this happens to you don’t freak out. Just call in and ask for help and be polite, they will do everything they can do to fix it and they will have a record of all the FPP you lost. If you find you are one of the people missing FPP just take a deep breath and call in. Good Luck!


congrats…but wait… you can make Fastpasses during the party? How? I’ve been trying but the system won’t let me.

You can make them from 4-7, I think. Not after the party actually begins.


The system let me book from 3:30-6:00. I won’t be able to get into the park until 4:00 though. The last fastpass you could book would be a 6:00 FP as the party starts at 7:00(and it might actually be a 5:50 FP cutoff bc I couldn’t find any for 6:00).

Avoid this issue all together by putting your party ticket on a dummy MDE profile…but then you only get party ticket FP at 30 days.


Does this require that there’s no fast passes at all for the rest of the parks for the day? Cause I have mornin HS ones slated.

I was able to book a 5:20, but the window is 5:20 - 6:00.

I don’t know. I’m only quoting what I’ve learned from reading about other’s peoples’ party tickets. We won’t be going to one this year and haven’t been so…you’re going to have to rely on others for this one! :wink:

Each MDE profile is only allowed to prebook 3 FP so if your party ticket and regular ticket for the same day are on the same MDE profile then you can only prebook 3FP. However again if your party ticket is on a dummy profile you will be able to prebook 3 additional FP for the dummy profile for a grand total of 6 prebooked FP.

A bit dated but basically the same How do I book 6 FPP on a day I am attending a party and using a regular entry ticket?

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Ugh. And now my flight has been canceled. What a day…

Oh, no!

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My last day of FP were cancelled I had 3 FP on a party day. The day before the FP were cancelled a CM changed it to two FP on the party day. She said it was the policy to allow two. She made a note of the 3 FP I had for the last day knowing they might get deleted anyway. I just emailed Disney to get my FP back as it is long distance to call. I had 7D at 9:05, PP 10:05, Splash 11:05. Thanks for the info. If they tell me that these times are not available I know they could give me anytime FPs.

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Good luck, I hope it works out as well for you as it did for me.

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I don’t believe this is true. I have not run across anyone with only a party ticket or a party ticket on a dummy account not able to book all 3 FP. I think the CM was Misinformed. Otherwise your last day would not have been cancelled.

I was actually only allowed to book 2 FPP for my MNSSHP ticket and was also told by the CM that that was the policy. I don’t have a park ticket for that day and the system let me book 3 FPP but after calling in, they dropped one of mine saying that was the cause of the problem.

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I still don’t believe this is a true statement by the CM. If you have ONLY a party ticket on your MDE profile you can book 3 FP without issues. The issues only arise when you also have regular ticket media on your MDE profile and the party ticket. If a party ticket was truly limited to 2FP, there would be issues with those individuals who only have a party ticket. I have seen no one with a party ticket only having any FP cancelled. This is the same issue that popped up last year. Best solution in my opinion and experience remains a dummy account for your party ticket or don’t book FP with your party ticket.

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True for last year but this year the park closes to regular guest at 6pm. Recommended booking times are 3:30, 4:30, 5:30.

The CM I had was unaware of the policy of FP for party dates. She then read it to herself and I waited. She said it was two FP. Maybe the CM was given wrong information but it makes sense. If you are allowed in at 4:00 and can book FPs up to 6:00 that gives you time for two. She mentioned the computer programming having issues. I wonder if the programming has not kept up with a recent policy change and ways around it like stand alone accounts.

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Was Disney able to recover your lost fast passes as well? What were the results of your email?

Emailed yesterday afternoon. Waiting for a response. I’ll be sure to update when I get a response.