Disney Drop

My Disney Drop arrived today! Everything is Cinderella themed. Did anyone else get someone different?

How did you get this? Tell us more…

It was a free gift from Disney Plus. They sent me an email . It included a pin, photo frame, bracelet, wooden spoon set, coloring book and bag. Just curious if anyone else got one?

Nope and I bought Disney+ as soon I could for the full three years and have not ever cancelled it. Feeling cheated.


I got squat, and I signed up on opening day.


Seems like it’s sent to people who renew for a full year after initially subscribing for 3 years.

“While stocks last”.

Even then I think not everyone?

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Fascinating. To my knowledge we haven’t renewed yet but our membership is due to expire in November. We signed up originally for the super cheap D23 rate. I didn’t get the box I requested. Asked for Mickey Mouse and got Cinderella

I pre-signed up for it (may have also got the D23 rate) for three years which I think expired this year or last? I can’t remember. I’ve never done anything to cancel so maybe that’s why…maybe I went to like a monthly rate and you had to explicitly do a year or something?

I thought it was for Disney+ day? I forget how I got the link but they said it was open while supplies last. I got a Lion King box- cheese board, dominoes, sweat shirt, acrylic print, cube puzzle, and post card.

I hadn’t heard of this. But we plan to cancel Disney+ at the end of this cycle (June, I think) because we’ve watched everything we care to on the channel. Not having young kids makes for limited viewing.