Disney Dream Gone Wrong

I dreamed my wife told me to go on a solo trip. So I got it all booked and off I went. I landed and was told I needed and had booked a rental car (I didn’t). I got my key to the car and then realized I was at LAX and I had booked a Disneyland vacation and not a Disney World vacation. Yet, DL was still closed, so I had no place to go. It turns out I hadn’t actually booked anything I just arrived and assumed I’d be able to book something when I got there.

Fortunately I woke up before I had to figure out how to fix everything in my dream that had gone wrong, but that was one stressful dream that started off so great. I don’t even know where to begin with what happened in this dream.


This is where the wise mentor figure explains:

“2020 never ended.
Now it’s stalking our dreams.”


This is not the exact phrasing I would use…


This dream is too close to my reality for comfort. :joy:


this kinda reminds me of the episode of The Middle were they had tickets for Disneyland but they drive to Disney World


Wow, I was thinking the ship took a wrong turn



It occurred to me after I posted that the title could have been taken in a different direction (so to speak).

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sounds like a nightmare :crazy_face:

I often have dreams that I am traveling somewhere and am late leaving for the airport. I haven’t had one where I get there and don’t really have a reservation or anything planned. Those dreams are very stressful (and probably stress inspired) and I always wake up exhausted. Usually I’m traveling with a group (in the dream) and no one except me feels any urgency or is helping to get us ready to go.


I had a dream recently where we were FINALLY able to go to WDW. I was elated! We get there and DH says he really only wants to check out downtown Orlando instead. So no Disney after all. :sob: Literal dreams crushed!


sorry. been watching LOTR

Sounds like reality to me!


So I had another one last night. We get to Disney world (finally!) and I am just so so happy to be there. When we walk in the IASW queue, I literally start crying because I am just so ecstatic to finally be there. Then, I really that my middle kiddo (DD8) was missing. We then spend the remainder of our trip looking for her. It was absolutely awful. We finally find her and she is decked out in ears, a pin lanyard, and had several snacks with her. Of course, I am freaking out and she casually says that she had so much fun and loved all the rides. Of course, now it’s time to go home. Will I ever get to visit successfully visit WDW?? (in real life or I would even settle for a dream at this point!)