Disney DIY!


Working on some DIY Disney signage and details for the upcoming wedding!! smile


Trying to attach the picture of the sign I made!! :/


Don't know how to do it from the iPhone!


I like anything DIY Disney! DD11 designed these frozen mickey ears and helped

put it together


My granddaughter, 8, is making necklaces! Love her❤️


Hi @LaurenInWonderland I too cannot post pics from my phone or at least haven't figured it out yet.. I'm on my pc at home..


To post a pic from your phone, it reply like normal. When the text box appears to write in, look at the bottom where I n your left where is says "Reply" and "cancel". There but on the right of you screen it says "Upload". Click that. A pop up should appear allowing you to chose either an already existing photo or take a new one. Do whichever you would like. When you have chosen it will come back to the text box screen. At the bottom beside "Upload" some numbers should appear, this is the % of how far along your photo upload is. Once it gets to 100%, wait a second and some code will appear on the text box. This is the link to your photo! Hit reply & the photo should appear in the thread.

Oh dear I hope that made sense!?


@Pooh2412 is a life saver!! Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us that.. Will check it out now...


Awesome!! I actually tried to do that but I didn't wait til it got to 100%!


Those are beautiful!


On my iPhone, the upload button doesn't seem to do anything frowning


Thanks!! Always finding these Mickey Ears at yard sales or the thrift store DD and I finally decided to make some of our own smiley


I love that idea! I am going to try and do some for myself!


Love the necklaces!