Disney Dish/ Skyliner Talk

I am dying this morning listening to the Disney Dish. Len says he rode the Skyliner quite a bit last week and says that

“there are definitely still some operational issues”

“they’re working through some things”

“The line stops a lot more frequently than I thought”


Oh Len! You had no idea when you recorded this episode, man!


Did you listen all the way through the end? Past illumiNation?

I’m still listening just now

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Just finished listening. Didn’t hear anything of interest or related to the Skyliner discussion.

Sounded like it was recorded the day after Epcot Forever debuted.

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You were not a fan of the old wdwtoday podcast? It was a flashback and wonderful surprise.

Flashback? Perhaps I wasn’t paying super close attention. I’m not sure either if I listened to WDWToday honestly

The flashback was on last week’s episode I think, not today’s. I was cracking up this morning too. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say next week…

I think it was last week’s episode @OBNurseNH was listening to this morning? The episode that Len was talking about his ride on the skyliner? I guess I just assumed it was that episode. I will listen to this week’s episode tomorrow.

By the quotes OB was listening to the podcast released today. The WDW at the end reminded me so much of what they did with BSOM. I really enjoyed both and it reminded me what a great community this is.

No I was listening to THIS weeks.

I did go back and check if it was last week with the flashback. And it was.

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Yes, I looked at the notes from both weeks. The quotes seemed the same to me but sometimes my mind wanders …::

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I thought the same thing! In fact, I thought they might have edited in a little update somewhere in there. They’ve done that before I think.

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I was surprised there wasn’t a notation at the end, especially since @PrincipalTinker mentioned listening after Illuminations (which they didn’t talk about; this week was Epcot forever :woman_facepalming:t2:). But I suppose it happened late on Saturday and they release it on Sunday, late, so not a lot of time to do that. I have no idea on their process.