Disney Dish Podcast Bonus: The American Adventure'78

Jim and Len are putting out a two-part show, the first of which was released this morning, focusing on Epcot’s American Adventure '78. Today’s part features them performing that script; the second part will be a compare/contrast between that script and the current one.

Thought folks here would be interested in this! Check it out wherever you get your podcasts!


I was thrilled to see it in my feed this morning!

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Wait, is this something different? I swear I listened to this like 2 weeks ago?

Very thought-provoking through a 2021 lens, but SUCH a cool production! I also loved Laurel as the emotionless CM.

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I don’t think this was released before?
Perhaps you are clairvoyant?
Perhaps you traveled to the future?

Am I right is it the one with Laurel as a CM and Aaron as Buck Rogers? I 1000% did not listen to it today.

Laurel is the CM. I don’t recall about Aaron.

Weird. Are you a Patreon subscriber? Today it is free to everyone - maybe you heard it there first?

Ah ok, yes! It was a Bandcamp exclusive. Or I’m from the future! Either one.


Yes, Bandcamp.

I get may paid-subscription names mixed up :slight_smile:

If you’re for the future, can you tell me when the masks will go away? :wink:


I started this on my way in to work this morning. I look forward to the conclusion on the way home!

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I enjoyed it

What I am MOST looking forward to is the compare/contrast.