Disney Dish Merry Holiday Extravaganza - December 2-4, 2022

Any of you people going to this?

The Disney Dish Merry Holiday Extravaganza - December 2-4, 2022

We’re adding on to the Gingerbread Event from last year and making this a two-day affair. Make your room reservation now to ensure you are onsite for this Extravaganza. Group rides, meetups and maybe even walking around Epcot with a stop or two for beverages!

  • Dec 2 - Magic Kingdom
  • Dec 3 - Epcot
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This would be fun, eh. I remember another liner participated this year, but I have no idea how to sign up.

I pasted this in from the TouringPlans newsletter email. There’s no link for more info or sign-up.


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We fly home on Dec 1, shoot! Although honestly I’m not sure if I am brave enough to meet up with my family in tow (or for that matter to send DH off to fend for himself with the kids :laughing:).

In all honesty… we passed by the Fab 4 in January, like seeing influencers “in the wild” - literally because it was AK, they were taking pics with photopass under that tree thing in Asia by the path to Kite Tails (where we were headed) and I was too nervous to shout even a feeble “hello” but I did tell my family that those were people I recognized from the internet :sweat_smile:


:scream: I wish you had said hello! That would have been awesome. But maybe better you didn’t. @galuchies did that and had to spend the rest of his trip with us. :grin:


I’ve seen references here to the Fab 4; who are they? I assume you’re not talking about the originals since there are only two left.

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It’s me, @Dreamer @JustKeepSmiling and @Wahoohokie. We called ourselves that in our first trip report and have taken a few trips together since. Once we were the Fab Five with @Shanneepantslovesdisney. (and hopefully will be again!)


We will be in Florida then, but we don’t actually arrive to Disney property until the evening of Dec. 4.

And would have had it no other way.


All the more reason I need a solo trip! (Conveniently scheduled during a liner meet up :star_struck:)


I love my family but solo trips with Disney friends are the best! You should definitely try it and always say hi!! You must have seen us trying to work on getting this picture! We were @galuchies angels and yes, we crack ourselves up :joy:


Yes! I witnessed this (in passing) in all its glory! You guys were obviously having a ball, hope the rest of your day/trip was that fun :blush:




We really do. :joy:


You should have said hi! I promise we don’t bite. We do crack ourselves up a lot, but not sure anyone else finds us nearly as funny as we think we are.


Next time! (And knowing this group there will be a next time… and a time after that… and after that :smile:)


I almost went last year but life got in the way. There wasn’t a sign up or anything, you just show up if you are interested. Might make it this year :woman_shrugging:

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This is the best way to be.


I’m a little late to the party here but really hope to attend - noticed that they are also doing a special breakfast that morning but I can’t find where to buy tickets … any ideas?

Sorry for the late reply—life, etc.

Here’s what Storybook Destinations (the travel agency handling the event) gave me as a tentative schedule, back in early July:

Disney Dish Merry Holiday Extravaganza
December 2–4, 2022


  • 9:00–11:00am Breakfast and podcast at Contemporary
  • Country Bear Jamboree sing-along
  • Group speedway race
  • Gingerbread-building
  • Possible group meet at Christmas party


  • 10:00am - Drinking around the World
  • Group SSE ride with our own audio

Then a couple weeks ago they sent me more details on the ticketed events (I’m passing on both of these):

Disney Dish Breakfast and Podcast - $100
This event will be a breakfast buffet with the menu to be announced a little closer to the event. There will be lots of learning and laughs as we listen to Jim and Len record one of their legendary podcasts! (If you have any special dietary needs, please make us aware in the comments section when you buy the tickets.)

Drinking around the World with Bethany - $300
These tickets are very limited (25 total). The beverages are already picked out and the schedule designed. Private Event in La Cava to start the morning off! Lots of goodies and surprises at this event.

Here’s the link for the Storybook Destinations page for all Disney Dish events.