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Just about to book my Disney holiday for August 2019 but i need some help with something we definitely want to stay in Animal Kingdom but wondered if we should do 2 weeks there or move to POFQ for the second week because we love Disney Springs for the evenings
How would this work?

No experience with AKL but we really liked being able to take the boat from POFQ to DS - it was pretty and relaxing and never a long wait when we were aiming to do it.

Really like both resorts. I might consider doing POFQ first so you’re going from a Moderate to a Deluxe for a step up in service/amenities rather than down, but a lot would depend on when you anticipate doing a lot of DS visits.

I have never done a split stay, but my understanding is DIS will move your luggage for you so you just pack up & call bell services to do the transfer. They come and pick up your stuff and deliver it to your new resort room while you are off enjoying a park and then you go to your new room that night.

Both AKL and POFQ are excellent resorts and I could see after a week at one, experiencing something else would be ideal.

I often do split stays. I too would do POFQ first so you are going from moderate to deluxe. On the day you are changing resorts you call bell services early (or ask the day before) and bell services will grab your luggage, tag it, and then transport it to the next resort. When you go to he 2nd Resort that afternoon you call bell services. They then deliver your bags to you room:

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