Disney Discover FL Res Ticket

I need 2 day park hoppers for May and apparently the 2 day ticket for this special expires on 3/11, our plan is day one HS/EP and day 2 AK/EP. Can I buy the 4 day and just use it over the course of 2 days or is that not allowed?

No. You can only hop between parks if you have park hoppers. You can’t use an extra day from a non-park hopper ticket to hop.


I’m not sure I understand your question

If @ryan is interpreting it correctly - that you want to buy a 2 day hopper and then a 4 day one-park ticket - he is correct, unless you use multiple MDE accounts and place the tickets on them accordingly (which gets super messy and I would not highly recommend it)

If you are asking if you can buy a 4 day ticket and just use 2 days of it, sure you can do that. The rest would be available to apply as credit toward a new ticket in the future.

@Ryan1 nailed what I was thinking and I assumed it would not work but it was way cheaper so I had to ask, ha.

This tickets expires on June 18 and we are not going again until November so I would lose the value for the last 2 days right?

I believe you can still apply the remaining value to new tickets. Worth a call to ask

I will!

I just called and they will not honor the rest of the 4 day ticket, basically I’ll have to purchase a 2 day park hopper for this trip and then another 7 day ticket for our November trip. I asked if I could just purchase 9 day hoppers for use on both trips and was told that no the remainder of the ticket would expire before November. I need APs to come back something fierce.

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Sorry to hear that. I wonder if it’s because it’s a special kind of ticket, since normally you can totally use the unused part of a ticket toward the purchase of a new one.

She looked at the normal resident tickets and said they were all that way. I don’t know, maybe I got a bad CM?

Always possible!

Unused ticket policy? This thread makes me think she was correct and it cannot be extended but maybe if I went in prior to the end of our trip and changed to Nov, it would be okay. I would want a clear answer on that before purchasing though.

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Huh? Wholly unused tickets can be used against the purchase of a new one. But I’ve never heard of unused days being able to be credited. Once the ticket is used for the first time, the clock starts ticking and you have to “use it or lose it”.

Seriously, I have never heard of this being the case. On any kind of ticket. Except the ones that were extended due to Covid. They were a special case.

Maybe I’m getting covid times mixed up with pre-covid times LOL

No judgement there. It’s coming up for a year since the world went crazy.

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Right and it’s only really in the last month that I’ve been getting bookings again (aside from one client who kept me afloat throughout the pandemic with repeat bookings) and beginning to pay closer attention again as my own trip approaches in just 125 days.

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Do you have a countdown calendar? That’s about 4-5 months, so early July?

i have an app on my phone called Days To Go.

I head down 6/28 and stay through 7/7 and get to have my birthday on 7/3 there!

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Here is a screen shot of what it looks like.

They have stock photos that you can use or you can use your own photos like this one I took last January after a pre-rd breaky at BOG


That’s a gorgeous photo!

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I’d love to take full credit. I mean I did take the photo. But the composition was inspired by one that @Randall1028 had taken before me.

I do love it though. It’s pretty perfect.