Disney dining

If I am staying for 12 nights can I make reservations for the same restaurant twice in my stay. Dinner time both times.

Yes anyone can make any number of dining reservations for any time if there is availability. You don’t need to stay at Disney to make ADRs either

The only restriction is that the same MDE account can’t book two reservations for less than an hour apart. Of course you can use multiple accounts if, for some reason, that was necessary.

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Inquiring minds want to know…what restaurant do you think is worth a double dip in a single trip? :wink:

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I can think of a few I wouldn’t mind eating at more than once in 12 days. B&C comes to mind…

I might have thought B&C until I found the Fountain. Now if I was craving that kind of food twice in a stay, I’d do one of each (or just do the Fountain). I can see why people might want to do that twice, though.

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At Epcot? I thought that was basically a starbucks retrofit…

That’s the Fountainview – the Fountain is one of the best kept secrets at WDW. It’s over at the Dolphin, and is basically Beaches and Cream, only plussed.




Oh… well fancy that, we might have to stop over there in May and try it out.

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We were hoping to go to BOG for lunch one day then dinner another…since it is totally different menus …if we can get the reservations! I was thinking it would both be dinner in my first post then realized lunch is a different menu. So many restaurants have the same lunch and dinner selections.

Well keep an eye out starting on the 25th, when it’s expected that Lunch will change to ADR’s and possibly a breakfast will be offered as well.

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Was able to grab a BOG dinner ressie, last night, for a client only 14 days out. The only problem is its on a non MK day. No PH. How likely would they be able to switch ressie days, once they got there and asked? TIA