Disney Dining Plan: Time based, meal based, or both?

I was wondering something.

Let’s say you got a split stay. For the sake of discussion, 5 days at one resort, and 3 days at another. You then get the Disney Dining Plan for the first resort.

Can the number of meals you get as part of the dining plan be applied on days after you check out of resort 1, while you are in resort 2?

So, for example, let’s say that on day 5, when you check out of room 1, you still have 4 meals and 2 snacks left over. Can you, on days 6, 7, and 8 use those food credits even though you didn’t pay for the dining plan for the second room reservation?

I wasn’t sure if unused credits were lost after you check out (next day) or if they have a similar “use window” kind of how date based tickets work.

No. They’ve got to be used by midnight on checkout day.


Thanks. I figured that was the case. Just wanted to check.


Luckily Disney is very forgiving and they do not penalize you if you don’t use all your credits!


Today’s internets win.

Oh, wow! That’s a bargain, then! :wink:

++ @missoverexcited

For the benefit of others who may come across this post in the future, I though I would add some notes to clarify Disney’s policy.

  1. A resort stay is purchased in nights.

  2. The dining plan is also purchased in nights and must be for the same number of nights as your resort stay.

  3. Dining credits are available on the day you check-in, and unused dining credits expire at midnight on your check-out day.

  4. As an example, for a 5 night stay you have 6 days to consume your dining credits.

  5. In the OP’s example of a split stay you would purchase 2 resort stays, one for 5 nights and one for 3 nights. If you wanted to have a dining plan available for the entire split stay, you would purchase 2 dining plans, one for 5 nights and one for 3 nights. It is not required to purchase a dining plan for both stays.