Disney Dining Plan question about credits

We have the disney dining plan for three days. We have reservations at BOG and CP for breakfast, CRT for dinner one night and T-Rex on night. I know CRT takes two credits, only half of the group will go there. Do I get this right: BOG is one quick service, CP is one sit down meal, CRT two sit down meal credits, T-Rex one sit down meal? So here the ones that go to CRT need to pay for either T-Rex or CP? I don´t quite understand if it matters whether it is breakfast or dinner.

BOG is a QS credit. If you have the regular dining plan you get one QS and one TS credit for every night. So, three QS and three TS per person. So, half of your party uses their credits after CP and CRT. BUT half of your party (the ones that do not go to CRT only use two credits (CP and Trex). You can use their unused credits for the other people. Do you have enough? You also have two more QS and 6 snacks per person.

Thank you!! So then we can use the other credits for T-Rex so we have enough? And we have 2 QS meals and 6 snacks left each? Are sodas included or do we need to buy them separately?

Sodas are included with the meals. The two QS meals and 6 snacks are per person. You can use them for some breakfast items (like bagels). You will also get a refillable mug at the resort (can only be used at resorts) so you can get coffee or soda plus a drink (water for later?) at the resort if you eat a QS there.