Disney Dining Plan "Enhancements" starting 31 May 2015

Just saw this on reddit:

Because people will really want to change a TS meal into three snacks. [/sarcasm].

Also, nice follow-up to my reddit comment re: tables being held for walk ups at sit-down restaurants. You accidentally found me over there! :wink:

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Oh boy! Now I REALLY want to use the DDP [more saecasm]…

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Awesome sauce! I wonder who else on here is also a redditor. :slight_smile: (BTW - I was one of the driving forces behind getting /r/waltdisneyworld open - you’re welcome. :wink: )

Yeah, I said the same. Some people tried to justify it as that it wouldn’t make sense to allow QS --> snack without allowing TS --> snack; others said it’s a good way to use left-over TS credits at the end of the trip. Sounds to me that someone didn’t plan well enough if they have left-over TS from the standard dining plan. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Agreed. I can understand having QS left over, to some degree. But if you have TS left over, you’ve dome something wrong. And thanks for the subreddit! I’ve really been enjoying it lately.

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They’ve included my favorite snack finally…Caramel Apple :heart_eyes:

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The most likely case of a “leftover” TS is someone who got the free dining promotion but did not want to use all the credits for ADRs. Second most likely would be having leftover credits because of a late cancellation (one or more party members ill, for example).

I’m glad they’re simplifying the snack credit system - it should save us the “what counts as a snack?” discussions. If they’re going to allow a CS swap for 3 snacks, I’d prefer it be more universal, but we might (with free dining and one autistic child who is extraordinarily picky about her foods) wind up with a couple of spare CS credits, and it’s nice to have an official option to use them.

I never have TS leftover credits.

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Is the cost of the plan changing?

I haven’t heard of a change in price.

I’m reading rumors that more and more snacks are no longer snack credits?! Can anyone confirm

As usual people are losing there ever loving minds about this rumor. Every blog update being treated as the complete truth instead of waiting for official update and clarification from Disney.

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I didn’t really notice anyone losing there minds…

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This particular Disney blog post seems to indicate that more things will be eligible as snack credits, not less, by resolving some of the ambiguity around what does and doesn’t qualify, generally in the direction of “does qualify”.

Bagged popcorn is the only thing I see they’re removing, unless I’m reading it wrong.

There was a rumor that Dole Whip was getting removed as well - but that turned out to be just that, a rumor.