Disney dining credits

Hi there, I will be travelling from the UK in October with my family of 7 adults, and 2 children.
I wanted to know are the credits transferrable. As in can 3 of the adults use some of the credits from the other 4 ( who are picky eaters and will probably stick to the quick service) I know some of the restaurants require 2 dining tokens so that’s why I ask.



Yes, you can use the credits in any way you see fit, including paying for people who are not on the Dining Plan themselves. You don’t mention which plan you have, but if you are on the standard Dining Plan (as opposed to Deluxe) the Table Service credits will be earmarked as child or adult credits in the system, so child credits can’t be used by an adult. Quick Service credits are all pooled, and can be used by anyone, regardless of age. In order to get the best value out of the plan, it usually makes sense to pay out of pocket for chidrens’ Quick Service meals, and use the credits for adults.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thats great, we have the standard dining plan. I should have added that we are staying in different resorts and therefore different reservation numbers but our reservations are linked. Will that change things?

Yes different reservations makes a difference, if you wanted to use their credits you would have to use one of their bands and know their pin. They do not lump the credits together just because you are traveling together.

You can use your credits to pay for them, and they can use their credits to pay for you, but the credits won’t all be pooled since they are two separate reservations.

You could also use 1 QS meal credit to share a meal between 2 children or 2 people with small appetites, eg. an adult chicken nugget platter could feed 2 children (my daughter and I split one and couldn’t eat everything). This would leave you with 1 credit to spare as you used 1 credit instead of 2.

So, if you do deluxe with kids (3, 7, 9) are there meals marked for kids only, or can they be used by anyone. We are traveling 2 adults and 3 kids in 1 room and 2 adults in a separate room, and trying to decide if doing deluxe dining plan for room with 5 is worth the money if we can all share meals between 2 rooms, of course if we are eating together. Thanks, I hope that question makes sense.

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Credits are just credits with the deluxe plan.

And when making ADRs just book for the whole party. You don’t even have to name anyone on an ADR except for the person booking it of course. Or just choose everyone’s name from friends and family list.

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Are you on the free dining plan? If you are and your flight isn’t booked with Disney then change the age of your kids to 10 & 11, and get them the adult plan. That is what I have done. Except for the buffets we will all share 3 meals, and if we go to a signature restaurant I will pay for a kids meal OOP.

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