Disney days countdown

Hi people,

I’ve just made this silly and simple countdown to have in my phone homescreen and I think maybe you like it and want to use.

Here the instructions for Android Chrome,

Visit this url in your phone, with your arrived date as fecha param

Once the page has loaded, click in the menu and then in Add to Home screen

For iPhone, I thing the procedure is tapping in Share button, then in the dialog choose Add to Home Screen though I can’t test it.


I just tried the “Add to homepage” button on my iPad. It added an icon that takes me to the link you provided. Not sure if it will work any differently on an iPhone. Been looking for one that can be set as the background. Couldn’t figure out how to do that with this, but it is super cute - way better than the app I have been using.

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It is not posible to add this to background due it is a simple website, sorry. For that you need a native app. This is a very simple and quickly personal project. :wink:
I’m very glad you like it. Thanks.