Disney days before cruise

Are there special packages for doing Disney before your cruise? When I look online, the box is grayed out. Also, what do you think the best combo is? 4 land 4 sea? Trying to keep the price moderate.

We are first time cruisers, but from what I have read, it is less expensive to book your WDW stay separately. No significant discounts for booking land and sea packages, and other available discounts (room discount free dining, etc) won't apply. As far as how many days, it's up to you:-). We will only have time to do 1 park day before a 7 day cruise.

We went on our first DC this Feb - with a trip to the world for 7 days before (POR)! We decided to do WDW before so that we could end it with a relaxing 7 days on the Fantasy! Hello Eastern Caribbean! We loved it so much that on our trip this coming January we are doing a 4 day Bahamian cruise on the Dream. Our upcoming trip looks like this: 3 days BWV then the Dream for 4 nights then OKW for 8 nights. I still can't believe we are doing a DC again - what an awesome trip!

WDW generally has their own (better) discounts than DCL. DCL's discounts are generally for 3 nights or less. The thing about booking with DCL is that sometimes they might have availability at the resort you want that WDW might not have bc DCL gets a block of rooms. Also if booked as one package with DCL you have one deposit, one payment date, and one confirmation number.

Our TA booked us a room only reservation before our cruise at POR and then was able to apply a discount that came out later. It was booked as part of the cruise so covered under the same insurance. If you want to add dining then you will have to purchase a separate package w/separate Ins. if that is something you want.

I think park than cruise. 4and 4 is fine. But the days embarking and disembarking are not full days. Enjoy have fun.