Disney+ Day 11/12 Early Entry

If anyone is onsite this Friday EE hours start at 1 hour before park opening

In celebration of Disney+ Day, Disney+ subscribers with a valid ticket or Annual Pass and theme park reservations on November 12, 2021 will enjoy special benefits at the parks. Disney+ subscribers and their travel party are invited to enter all theme parks at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort 30 minutes before regular park open.

This essentially extends Early Entry at Walt Disney World to off-site guests who are Disney+ subscribers. If you’re not already, we’d highly recommend subscribing to Disney+ just for that 30 minute advance access. It’s worth the ~$2 for your travel party to get a 30 minute head-start.

On-site guests aren’t at a disadvantage on Disney+ Day. Early Entry for eligible hotel guests will start 30 minutes before Disney+ subscriber’s have access to the parks, or 1 hour before official opening time. This means that on-site guests can enter Magic Kingdom at 7 am, Epcot at 9 am, Disney’s Hollywood Studios at 8 am (be there earlier–Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance might start operating before that), and Disney’s Animal Kingdom at 7 am. These are the earliest opening times for some of these parks since pre-closure!

Disney+ Day Perks at WDW & Disneyland - Disney Tourist Blog


I’m not going to be there so this doesn’t apply to me. But I am curious about a couple of things:

  • The ~$2 they say is worth it for joining Disney+ to take advantage of this extra 30 mins – is there a special offer right now because we pay more than $2 :laughing:
  • How will they validate your eligibility?

$2 per person? I have no idea how they would validate it either.

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Ah maybe that’s it.

I guess we actually don’t pay anything because we got some package. And I guess I don’t know what it costs if you sign up now


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The special is $1.99 for the first month, then regular price for the next 5 months.

Your Disney+ subscription status now appears in your MDE profile under Memberships & Passes.


Mine doesn’t. Presumably because it’s my husband’s email on Disney +. But he doesn’t go to WDW because of his health so we wouldn’t be able to prove it.

I won’t be there but I bet there are plenty of families in this position.


The whole getting in early for D+ is great, but I most of all wanted to give those that will be there as an onsite guest a heads up that they can get in to the parks 1 hour early on 11/12, not 30 minutes early.


It doesn’t for me and there’s no option to add it.

The only memberships I can add are: Annual Pass, DVC and Main Entrance Pass.
(I don’t even know what the last one is)

The only “pass” attached to my Membership: Canadian Resident.
I suspect that explains why I can’t add my Disney+

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Oh it says on MDE you have to show that you are logged into Dis + on your phone. That makes more sense.

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Disney+ appears in my MDE profile, but I didn’t add it …it appeared there automagically.

I don’t have Disney+ loaded on my phone, but the email we use for it is the same one we use for Disney so that may be the reason.

I will have dd check her MDE profile when she gets home tonight to see what it shows. She uses a different email for Disney, and I think she does have Disney+ on her phone.

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Exactly. Prices are going up for us this year.

I do not see the membership in MDE. I use the same email and have been subscribed since day 1.

I think there will be a lot of password sharing for D+ accounts on this day. All that proves is people know each others passwords.


I have it on my phone so I’m pretty sure it’s the email. But it might be because I’m in the UK.

Only one person needs to show it per party.

I’d have been annoyed if I were on-site and I arrived for early entry a half hour late. Hopefully the resorts are telling people.


It’s on the home page of MDE so hopefully people will see it there.

I agree! The blog posts I read all have the same verbiage, but if you’re currently on vacation and not keeping up with what’s going on, you could totally be caught off guard and behind the pack.

I never read what’s on the home page - it’s like my brain see’s it all as advertisement and blocks it out :rofl: