Disney Cruiseline Bingo

I did a Disney Cruise a few years back and my family stumbled into the bingo and my wife and kids fell in love with it. Perhaps a bit too much. Anyway.

Looking at doing a Disney Cruise this spring, but there doesn’t seem to be much info on line about the bingo. Are they still doing bingo?

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Yes, they are still doing bingo. Bingo is a mainstay of many cruise lines. You can search for a Disney Navigator (their daily handout of doings) and see what things are typically available.

How much was bingo? And how much did you end up spending? We didn’t do it in October but have another Disney cruise planned this coming October on a 7 night cruise so we might check it out.

The price on the Magic back in 2018 was:

  • 1 Paper Card (6 boards) $30.00 ($5 per board)
  • 2 Paper Cards (12 boards) $40.00 ($3.33 per board)
  • 24 Electronic Boards$40.00 ($1.67 per board)
  • 48 Electronic Boards$50.00 ($1.04 per board)
  • Family Pack $80.00 (48 Electronic Boards + 2 Paper Cards (12 boards) ) ($1.33 per board)

All can participate but you need someone over 18 to buy boards and claim a prize.

The last round of the night has a bigger award and the Boards cost more. The jackpots get bigger as the night moves along and get bigger each night. I think the jack pots started at ~$100 on the first game of the first night and our final jackpot was several thousand dollars. They also offer expensive prizes from the ship’s stores, etc and they also offer a number of door prizes over the course of the night.

They offer a lot of different styles of bingo. They usually start with the basics and then move along to blackout, 4 corners, horizontal only, etc. The MC puts on a fun show with music, lights, & dancing.

The paper sheets are tear offs, which are not ideal in my book because if DS6 tears the wrong one, it’s a mess, because you can’t claim on a damaged card. Bring a highlighter or a sharpee.

The other catch is that the last number called must appear in the winning pattern, so if your child spaces out, you can’t claim after the next number is drawn

The electronic “Boards” sort of look like the old milton bradley “merlin” game system, except it’s a 5x5 lcd instead of 3x3 and they show the card closest to winning, but track all cards.

People that buy 48 Electronic Boards are at significant advantage to win, playing ~$1 a card instead of $5 a card for the people that get the minimum. Electronic cards don’t make mistakes, so you don’t lose if DS 8 missed to do a mark. But they are a little less fun. We got the best value of fun / odds by splitting a family pack with another family

They offer a free card to start the next night it if you played the previous day and remembered the code word they gave out at the end. If you play every night, you get a discount on boards for the jumbo jackpot at the end of the last night.

DS 6 & 8 got this for their birthday after the cruise and played it a lot. They share a birthday.


A follow up. Did a 3 night Disney Cruise in March 2022.

  • There were fewer cruisers, so fewer players, better chance to win
  • But fewer players meant smaller jackpots, the final jackpot was only about $350.
  • They didn’t have the secret word at the end of the night to get the free boards the next night
  • For some reason I think the family pack was $80.00 (48 Electronic Boards + 6 paper boards ) ($1.48 per board)