Disney Cruise WiFi package

Today SW changed their booking schedule and President’s weekend will open on my sea day on the Dream. I know I can purchase a WiFi package. Do you think this is a reasonable option? Does anyone have any experience with the WiFi?

I purchased a package when we went on the Dream, back in 2015. I don’t remember having any trouble with it.

Thanks! I think $100 for WiFi might save me a lot more.

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I about had a heart attack when I saw the prices on release day for the end of the year. They were either crazy priced at $1200 per person (I usually pay about $600 for spring break), or they were crazy routes with multiple stops (and still very high priced). They still haven’t gone down though I check most days. I hope they get their Max planes flying again (safely) soon, as I think the prices will be better after that. Good luck!

I may book Jet Blue one way on their release day. I think I can wait for the return flight since we will be coming home Tuesday.

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I ended up booking Southwest one way to MCO on 12/26. I had points for only 1 (thought I could get 2 tickets for this, 42,000 points!!! Crazy!!!), paid cash for 1 ($604), and then 1 free with my companion pass that expires 12/31. We are flying Alaska Air home since we have 2 companion passes with them, and my DH will be with us then. Still cost over 1K for that, and had to fly home on Monday instead of Sunday or it would have been 2K. Flights are insane!

Jet Blue is booking the weekend before President’s weekend. Nonstop is $119-144. I bet it will be st least double!

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