Disney Cruise Upgrades?

Any suggestions for an upgrade are appreciated! DW and I are going on our first trip without the DS19, DS17, DD12… kids in 20 years and going on a 5 night Western Caribbean cruise in early January. We have been to WDW 9 times with the kiddos and ahhhh! is all I can say LOL…We will be landing in Fort Lauderdale at 950 am and should be at the port of Miami by (hopefully) 11am. I have read some, “how to get an upgrade”, suggestions on other sites but would like to hear what suggestions the pros here have to say. Thanks

This is a myth about cruises. Ships sail full. Unlike hotels, they match people to cabin size. You can not go onboard or fax or phone or anything else to get a free cabin upgrade. Understand though, cabin upgrade may be purchased and what you and the ship consider an upgrade are very different. Cruise lines do sell " guaranteed cabin" which means the cruise line will guarantee you a cabin but not assign it until all other cabins are sold. However, you are much more likely to get a lousy cabin within the category you booked,
Certainly not going from an inside, low deck to a premium suite.

Thanks Elaine

True, I’ve never gotten a free upgrade, this seems to be a myth.

Keep in mind that Disney’s pricing is a bit unusual in that there’s really not that much of a jump between categories within types of room. E.g., $11 jump from 5C to 5B, depending size of party and when you book. IMO, now that we are no longer traveling as just a couple, the room is really not that big a deal, so long as the size is adequate. I would personally do the cheapest room in the type you want, and not pay to jump a category. Depending on your ship, there are “secret” bargains - rooms that are priced in a lower category due to a minor obstruction of view, but otherwise a good deal, which you can find online or we could help you with with more info on your ship and desired room type.

I have gotten an upgrade, not free, but they are discounted far more than booking the higher category online. They are limited and on a first come, first served basis and nothing is guaranteed.

After you check-in you have to go to the supervisors desk, ask your CM that’s checking you in if anything is available for upgrade and they’ll direct you to the supervisor.

There are NO GUARANTEES but they are available, we’ve done it several times. Getting to the port early is key, this is where the Castaway Club status comes in handy when you’re Platinum…you get your own line :smile:

Most times the ships sail full but there is a persistent myth that if you ask nicely, you can be upgraded for free. Certainly, you can call your travel agent ahead of your cruise to ser if you can purchase an upgrade.

Since its getting closer to our cruise date!! Yahoo!!! I thought I would respond to this to see if there are any other suggestions. We are scheduled to be in a category 6A room 7132 on the Wonder. The room is way back… aft. Any other info is appreciated.

Check now for necessary identification you need on board. Remember you will need photo ID in ports. If you have an inside cabin, bring a night light. Inside cabins get pitch back.