Disney Cruise, general thoughts?

Hi, Disney Cruise is something I’ve really wanted to do with my family. We’ve never been on any cruise before. How do you feel in general about Disney Cruises starting up again? Do you think that early 2022 might be possible? I don’t want to book anything yet but am thinking to not count 2021 for a big family outing like that b/c of covid and also a surgery one of us has coming up. I’ve been paying attention to cruise news in general but Disney hasn’t been mentioned much, just the bigger ones like Carnival.

Cruising will likely resume when a vaccine is widely available, which could be early 2021 but could be later. Depending on how firm your plans need to be, I would wait till 2022 or at least wait till cruises resume to book.

I have a cruise booked for May 2021 but I’m not super optimistic that it will happen.

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I have a cruise booked for May 2021 (RCI), and I will lose my everlovingmind if it doesn’t happen.

(Actually - I suspect even if the ship sails, my family won’t want to cruise with new protocols.)


We’ve got a deposit on an Alaskan cruise for July 2021 (Princess). Deposit was made in the “before times” :slight_smile: It will be our first cruise - I wasn’t interested in paying the hefty premium Disney charges for our first time.

I have no idea when cruising will resume. I wouldn’t book anything until the path to sailing is more clear. Cruise ships were already prone to outbreaks of contagious illnesses, so it seems like might be one of the last things to come back?


I actually also have a cruise booked for mid 2021, which is a rebooking of a group cruise to Alaska on Princess solo. I still really want to do that but think at this point that it’s less than 50% chance I will go. The deposit is refundable and I have until, I think, April to decide. I really want to do this but will absolutely cancel if it seems unsafe, or if the new rules are too strict for me. Having never been on a cruise I don’t want my first one to be so restrictive that it wouldn’t give me an accurate idea of what cruises are like. I am more interested in Disney cruise though. The cost for my family is high b/c we have 5 people so I decided not to make it our (my) first cruise. I am mostly curious if people think DCL will come back anytime soon or if it might wait until longer than the other cruise lines. I’ve seen some speculation on the net that it won’t come back at all but I think it will b/c it was so successful before.

That’s a good question. DCL May be able to stay afloat longer (see what I did there?) bc they have more diversity vs the other lines.

I believe the other lines are raring to go.
But - will it be any fun anymore?

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I’ve done three cruises: Princess, Disney and Royal Caribbean. Hands down and nowhere near the others was Disney. I hope they can weather this storm but I wouldn’t put money into anything just yet personally that far off. My parents have booked a European River Cruise next August and they were limited in their choices from so many people rebooking and getting the 20% credit being handed out for people to rebook instead of cancel. So there is also the fear that cruises might sell out from all the people holding onto credits but I’m not sure what Disney’s cancellation policies were. I am rearing to try an Adventures By Disney but I’m not booking anything until I know what’s going to happen with vaccines and international travel regulations so if that means it sells out and I have to wait an extra year I’m personally okay with that. Just my opinion of course.

I did have more trouble booking our May cruise bc so many bumped people had cruise credits to use.

I have booked a February 2022 cruise because of these concerns. So much is still unknown. :frowning:

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