Disney Cruise Concierge Tip Question

Disney released guidance on tipping for Concierge. It states

Concierge Lounge Team (Concierge Managers and the Concierge Servers) : Guests staying in Concierge accommodations are recommended a gratuity amount of $8.00 per night, per stateroom Guest. However, it is always up to the Guest to determine what they feel is appropriate.”

Help! Does “Concierge Manager” mean what I would call Concierge Host? Or is the Concierge Manager a different position more like a server?

Maybe it would help if you define to us what do you mean by “host”. The difference is pretty clear, a manager is a manager and a server is a server.

If I were to act all Karen and I said “I demand to speak to your manager!!” then the right person to talk to would be the Concierge Manager.

This is not your room attendants (you’ll have two in Concierge). You’ll get a separate envelope for them. This is for the manager and the service members in the Concierge Lounge that help you book things and serve you in the lounge. If you want them to book a spa appt for you it’d be one of these team members. If you get a drink in the bar, this would be them. If you go get a snack from the Concierge Lounge, that’s this team. I’d think of it like they are their own restaurant. There is a manager and a team. This tip will go to them. You just do the one envelope and they split it out.


Thx and Yes! DCL should be clear on this so thx for being clear for them! I’m always so stressed with uncertainty about properly doing gratuities for any/everyone and worst is lack of reasonable help on concierge!