Disney Convention Tickets

I knew that conventions at WDW often had discounted tickets associated with them, usually with entry after 2:00 or 4:00 pm. However, I thought that they were only available through “official” conventions, and that they were the only options available. It turns out that I was wrong on both counts.

It appears that anyone attending a meeting/convention in Central Florida and their companions can buy discounted tickets directly from WDW. As well as the limited entry time tickets, there are full day, PH, and PH+WPF&M tickets available. See http://www.disneyconventiontickets.com/disneyworld/parks/tickets/ for the tickets, and https://disneytickets.disney.go.com/store/landing/ConventionTicketTerms/landingPage.html for the terms and conditions.

As an example, you can get a 5-day base ticket for $291.39 - the normal Gate price for this ticket is $323.76 and the UT discounted price is $307.99. This seems like such a good deal that I must be reading something wrong - anyone have any experience with these tickets?


Shoot. I wish I would have known this about two weeks ago when my mom was here. She’s not a park person, but I know she would have loved the candlelight processional. She spent 1/2 a day at one convention that wasn’t’ on property and the after 4pm ticket and dinner package would have been doable budget wise.