Disney considering charging more for tickets on peak admission days

Article about it here.

I’m not sure what to think.

How would that work if you already paid for your tickets? Get told at the gate “this is a price surge day, you’ll have to pay the difference”??

Found a good source for an explination of the proposed new pricing strategy…

I really can’t see this coming to fruition. Disney isn’t going to say “No, you can’t come in, this is a low-crowd day and we’re sold out”. And people will blow a gasket if a week like January 18th happens on their visit. Having to pay the gold rate even though the bulk of the days in that week are bronze? Not going to work well for them. Disney is a business, it exists to make money. I can see this helping in the short-term, maybe, but in the long term I think it would be detrimental to institute a system like this. It’d just make people angry and bitter. You can only nickel and dime people so much before they refuse to participate.

Now, for annual passes? That’s another story. APs at DL come in various types with different blackout dates and different prices. The pass that lets you in 365 days a year costs more than the one that has weekends blacked out. The one that blacks out all “peak times” costs even less than that. It’s an effective system out there, probably because DL has a stronger population of local AP holders than WDW does. I can see them trying to implement it at WDW, though.

Anyway, that’s as much business analysis as I can manage pre-coffee…

Agree that it won’t happen in this form but think they will tier 1 day ticket prices as that is what is in place at DLRP. They have 3 options similar to above with the 2 cheaper ones only available in advance.

Can you elaborate? There already is some tiering for one-day tickets, as a one day ticket to MK is slightly more than a one-day ticket to any of the other parks. I can’t see them offering a discount for advance purchase of tickets, though. With FP+ in place, buying tickets early is already indeed incentivized by allowing you to book the fastpasses. No tickets, no booking.

Sure This is the ticket page for DLRP https://www.booktickets.disneylandparis.com/tnsa64/live/shop/A/MAINGBCD/pluto/index.php?vld=1&affid=SECUTIX&tduid=32454335543R The Mini ticket is very limited the Magic is available to use most days and the Super is any day. The advance purchase has changed slightly since we booked . If you click between single day and multi day at the top of the link you will see that if going off peak you are cheaper with 2x Mini tickets but that for other dates the multi day tickets are cheaper.
Calander http://www.dlptoday.com/2014/09/29/mini-magic-or-super-magic-seasonal-ticket-pricing-returns-to-disneyland-paris/

I suspect that pricing similar to this will be the long term goal and by posting the Survey WDW are doing what many other companies have done in the past , publishing a change so drastic that when the lesser changes are implemented they seem much more acceptable.

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This is interesting. I would agree that by posting the survey and then making lots dramatic changes, Disney is setting themselves up for less dramatic changes to be acceptable. But I don’t know if the same approach would work for WDW. From what I can tell, DLP isn’t a place people go for an entire week, more of a two or three-day thing. I’m not sure that a pricing structure that works for that kind of visit will translate for a place that really markets itself as a week-long destination. There also could be a variety of cultural issues that come into play, as well as expectations based on how people have historically visited the parks

All that said, I personally wouldn’t be driven away by the new theoretical pricing structure. If it actually happened, I’d grumble and grouse, but I’d still go…