Disney.com versus MDE logins

I have an account through MDE, and I have an annual pass I purchased through MDE.

Today, I decided to log into the Disney website from my computer, using my MDE credentials…but it says that it isn’t a valid account.

Does the Disney website NOT share the same login information as MDE? I’m a bit confused.

Yes it should do.

Hmm. Weird. I’ve tried to login to the website several times, thinking I typed it wrong or something, but it says it isn’t valid. But then I use the same credentials in MDE, and it works fine.

I use the same for both. Have you tried accessing the website from your phone? Not sure that it will change things but, worth a shot.

Good thinking. I’ll give it a try.

Hmm. I honestly can’t even find a way to login using the Disney website on the phone.

I google My Disney Experience and sign in there. Maybe the site is down or glitching? Though I’ve just signed in fine.

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I have one sign in across all Disney websites.


Hmm. I just went in again from my computer web browser, re-entered the data, and now it worked. So it appears it was a temporary glitch on their end that is no resolved.


Clearly you made the mistake. Disney tech never has glitches.


I was just going to say how shocked I am that Disney IT is glitching :joy::joy:


That’s ridiculous. I never make mistakes…just like Disney never glitches!

(Although, in this case, I’m serious. I know for a FACT I entered everything correctly each time.)

was your caps lock on? :rofl::rofl:

I have to enter my password two times to access MDE on a computer. It makes me nuts.

Now, now. That’s just insulting. quietly checks the keyboard Right.

(It wasn’t caps lock, though. First thing I checked!)


So I tried to create an MDE account for each of my parents for our trip in the fall. It kept rejecting my dad’s email address as already having an account. Now this is the man who used to hate Disney World and paid for my mom/sis/I to go to Disney for years as long as he didn’t have to go. It was a huge joke that he had a secret MDE account. We FINALLY figured out that it was an old ESPN account from doing a basketball bracket!!


I “gave” our upcoming Disney trip to my kiddos for Christmas 2018. My husband hooked my ipad to our living room TV so after they opened their surprise, I could show them the plans we had on MDE on the big TV. No matter what I did, it would not let me log in. It kept saying my account was invalid. Of course about 3 hours later it worked just fine. THANKS DISNEY IT!!!