Disney Character Warehouse lines

Not sure where to put this but this seems most appropriate.

OK - given recent lines at the Disney Character Warehouse - esp at the Outlets at Vineland - here’s my hot take: what about adding wait times for it on the “Lines” app? I went Thurs. before last on my way home to St. Pete around 11 am-ish (not a big bargain hound but just thought I’d pop in and see what they had - I like scooping up post Epcot festival/seasonal party merch, resort-specific and passholder merch, esp. tank tops & magnets) saw the line out the door and around the corner, turned around and headed home.
Side discussion as to the cause - vlogger effect, and if so, will there be backlash? Also I’ve heard that cast members have been pushing the warehouse a bit more as of late - any thoughts on that?
Anyway, wait times on the app for the warehouse, just food for thought. Keep up the good work everyone at TouringPlans, totally enjoy all of Brian and Angela’s daily vlogs and the app/site itself are always essential in planning any Disney World/Universal jaunt, long or short-term and for any given situation.

I had heard not only vlogger effect but also the re-sellers who go there to buy up everything then resell on eBay or as personal Disney shoppers. I’ve never been to the warehouse but after hearing all of the uproar, I doubt I will ever attempt it!

We went to the character warehouse at the outlet on vine (I think) and there were 2 people leaving with like 30 Buzz Lightyear toys. They could barely carry them all. They were in giant clear plastic bags. Needless to say, there were NONE left in the store. I personally thought it was completely picked over, and there was nothing worth buying. We went in to get some frozen toys or princess dolls. They only had the red pirate. Maybe it was just the day and time we went. The line to checkout filled the store. It was a total waste of trip for us. I wouldnt make a special trip. The store was also tiny.