Disney changed my FP reservations via emails

Apparently DINOSAUR is going to open later in December, and I got an email saying Disney had changed my FP from 10:05 am to 10:35, which isn’t that big a deal.

But I got a second email saying because of this DINOSAUR change they were giving me a FP to EE at 9:35. My concern is that they’re now showing FOUR FPs for me on that day on MDE.

Will Disney delete one of my now 4 FPs since I’m over the limit? Or does the fact they gave me this additional FP override their FP rules?

Does the “free” one say multiple experiences anywhere?

Sounds like a freebie, take a screenshot showing all 4, then if one disappears you can show it to guest relations.

Bummer! We got an email stating they moved our KRR FP+ from 10:15 to 10:35, but no extra FP because of the change! I am curious why the random 20 min adjustments…

No, the first email said “due to an unexpected change in the operating schedule” my original FP was being cancelled. Second sentence is “As a replacement, a new selection was made for Expedition Everest.”

Then a half hour later the second email repeated the sentence about the unexpected schedule change. The second sentence in this email “as a replacement, a new selection was made for DINOSAUR” exactly a half an hour later than the original one had been.

Just checked again, and I still have 4 FPs.

It sounds like maybe they just gave you an extra one for the trouble. I had some issues when booking mine and they had to manually add them for me. When I logged on it had “see redemption details” underneath and I couldn’t modify them at all without calling Disney. Definitely screenshot what you have in case they disappear for some reason.

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I got an email changing my Kali River FP+ from 9:00 am to 12:15 pm. It will not work with my plan (leaving park for lunch and park hopping to MK), and there is nothing else available online that will work. I called MDE services, who were not helpful. I asked if I could get something else at 9:00 am (like EE) and they said there was nothing they could do because there is no availability and that I should wait until the day of and speak to guest relations to see if they could do anything. This is frustrating given that I carefully constructed a plan and got up early at the 60-day mark to get my FP+'s, and now they have essentially removed a FP+ from me. Now I realize that a 9:00 am FP+ would only have saved me a couple of minutes, so this is not a game changer, but I’d rather have that than nothing at all (mainly because of the effort I put into planning and securing the FP+'s I wanted). I also have had good experiences with guest relations fixing issues at the park, but I am surprised there is nothing they could do over the phone to resolve this issue. And that leads to my question: Have others had success resolving these issues over the phone?

When are all of you going? We will be there in December too and have early FP+ but have not had anything changed.

A couple years ago, we found out about a ride closure for refurbishment due to a FP change.

We had a FP for Dinosaur. Then, at some point before hand, we got an email saying that due to unforeseen circumstances, our FP for Dinosaur was no longer possible. As a replacement, we received a FP for EE (which was totally unnecessary, since EE was a walk-on most of the day). But, Disney hadn’t yet announcement any planned closures of Dinosaur. I reported this to Screamscape at the time. Several days later, Disney announced that Dinosaur would be closed for refurbishment for a while.

I didn’t have the issue you are having, but it may be planned to be down that morning or something. Maybe keep checking to see if you can modify it or plan to stop at guest services. I find guest services to be extremely helpful and nice. I just hate waiting and wasting those precious minutes.