Disney Cards from Target

I just bought 19 $50 Disney gift cards from Target (5% discount with Red Debit Card) to pay my balance for my upcoming trip. Anyone know the quickest way to apply them? I’ve added four by paying online through my MDE account, but I was wondering if calling might be faster. I can’t believe that Disney only lets you enter one card at a time. Also, is there any limit to the number of gift cards you can enter online per day? I can space them out if necessary. Thanks!

easiest and fastest way is actually calling in and having the CM do it. there’s no limit on phone calls. the website limits it, unfortunately.

ETA: be sure to note ALL the numbers and amounts and keep the cards in a safe place. Don’t throw them away. SHould anything have to be refunded, you’ll need that information


Echoing what @DarthDopey says about keeping the GCs. If there is a refund, it goes back to the original card(s) that the payment was made from. Also, get the WDW GC app - helps you keep track of all of your balances.

If you’d like to avoid having to keep a pile of cards, you can consolidate them on disneygiftcard.com. You enter them all, then make one card the “master” card, and put the balances of all the other cards onto the one card. I have used this and it works great and it is instant.

Also, if you want to save another 2% get a disney vacation account. After 120 days from opening the acct, you get $20 for every $1000 spent on a disney vacation (hotels, tickets, etc). I once got a refund from this account, which had originally been loaded with dozens of different cards, and they sent me a single card in the mail for the full amount, so no need to save cards with that account either.

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