Disney card buying GC paying towards Disney Vacation Account

Okay. Trying to figure out best savings towards an Oct 2018 trip. Was looking to buy 5% off gift cards with Disney 1% gc back credit card (and immediately pay from checking as we go along doing this), then also setting up and paying as we go along into a Disney Vacation Account.
Is there any downside to this? Is there a better way to go?

I’ve done this before too, and it worked out well. The only downsides I can think of are (1) that you need to make sure that you put enough into your DVA so you get your 2 percent back in GCs per thousand dollars after paying for your trip and (2) that you don’t have easy access to the funds should you need them in a pinch. Other than these, IMO it’s a good way to save for your vacation. I would do it again myself.

Thanks for response . . . I was curious if I was missing something . much appreciated!

Do you have a Discover card? Until the end of the month Discover is offering 5% cash back from Sam’s or BJ purchases. You don’t need to be a member at BJs. Combining those you can get about 10%. Order via the link from ebates for another 1%. Then deposit into DVA for your 2% bonus for $1000 in qualifying purchases. Open your DVA asap as it must be seasoned 120 days before purchases. Remember about 6 weeks before your trip to request a GC with your left over DVA funds. You can then use the GC for hotel portfolio charges.

Wow, thanks for the ideas! I don’t have a discover card. But good to know!