Disney Canceling Vacation Account Service

I was sad to learn Disney is canceling its Vacation Account program which I learned about through the UG. I have been to Disney many times and never knew the service existed until this year. Thankfully, I was able to use it for our September vacation. I saved money for our upcoming trip with deductions from my account every two weeks. They are no longer accepting new accounts, and current accounts will be closed at the end of September. That’s too bad.

I saw that too, and I am sad to see it go as well. But at least they give you a few options on how to get your money back.

I tried the gift card option to get my current balance, which is very small, but it wouldn’t work. Has anyone else had issues with this?

It took a second for me to realize there was a second step, but I was able to get the e gift card with my balance on it this afternoon. I was bummed about it ending. It was nice to have somewhere to put my money for the trip that I didn’t have immediate access to. I also requested my bonus gift card since I paid for my August trip, and used it to pay for 2/3 of my December trip. I won’t hold my breath for it to arrive though.

Within the hour of learning it was canceled I contacted WDW reservations and asked to apply my vacation balance to my package balance and was told their system was down. I called right away because I had a problem with the vacation account from the initial set-up. The first deduction from my checking account showed up on the bank’s end, but not in the Disney vacation system. Long story short, it took nearly two weeks and several phone calls with a Manager to correct the issue.

Today when I learned today they were canceling the service, I immediately became nervous having $2500 wrapped up in their system. I called about an hour ago. The reservation system is up and running, but the Vacation Account system is down for “maintenance.” They wanted to know the balance I wanted to apply, but I couldn’t give them the exact amount because the system is down. When I explained it was around $2500, the rep provided me the exact figure and said it was applied to my reservation. I waited for a confirmation email … and waited … Finally, I received an email that read as if I had just booked the reservation. No mention of the $2500 funds applied. Oh, boy!

If you have a substantial amount wrapped up in the vacation account I suggest you deal with it now instead of later. Their system is wonky, to say the least …

I was about to book on Friday using it. I had $7,900 in there. I took the E gift cards. They offered 5% of my balance to do it so I made a nice $395 profit.


I personally never thought this was a good deal. I always got a better return rate via my bank - so don’t find it to be a loss really.

I only did it so I wouldn’t “see” the money coming out of my account and wouldn’t have access to it.

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That was the exact same reason I had one!

I had less than $4 in it, so I am going to wait until whenever they send that back plus the $5 gift card… 100% profit, woo hoo! :joy:


Me too. I have exactly $2.00 left in my account, so a 250% profit for me. Unfortunately, with the end date of September 27, I don’t think the five-dollar gift card will arrive in time for our trip on October 5. :disappointed:

Actually a 150% profit - but good

I will not only get a $5,00 gift card, but I also will get the original $2.00 back for a total of $7.00 or a profit of $5.00, which would be 250% of the original $2.00. (Or maybe I’m figuring that out wrong.)


Yep, I had a lot more in there but finally decided it was better to put the money in an interest-bearing account. Our vacation next month is paid in full. I left in $5 just to keep it active, so like you, I’m just going to wait for them to refund it and send me the gift card. :slight_smile:

does any one know about the bonus for what i have paid for my vacation when i requested it the site said it will be sent a few weeks before my trip but my trip is after the accounts are closed?

I suggest logging into your account and sending an email. I had a similar question in trying to determine if they are still going to honor the $20 gift card per $1000 applied to a vacation package. I emailed and they responded within 24 hours.

What did they say?

As a whole - I think this was a bad deal for consumers. Minimal / no interest and directives towards how to withdraw. No real loss.

I requested mine after it was closed and it just came yesterday! I’ll keep that little guy for my November trip.

I went ahead and emailed them to see if I could get my bonus cards as well. Hopefully no issues and then I’ll have some extra money for our November trip as well.