Disney calling me to reschedule dining

Disney is calling me to cancel or reschedule ADRs that I scheduled 6 months out. They are trying to change a normal meal (@CRT) to a signature princess meal and telling me they no longer have space for the normal reservation. To me, this is bs and not acceptable. Does anyone have experience with this and understand what they should provide as compensation?

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Tell them you assume the meal will now be complimentary :slight_smile:


How far out are you from your dates? And they’re trying to reschedule more than one of your ADRs?

I can understand if it was one meal. Say CRT on a particular day, if someone has paid $$$ for exclusive use of the restaurant or park for that evening.

But when that has happened in the past, they have tried to reschedule either to another time or somewhere else, and it’s often be complimentary.

So if it was Tiffins on one of the days in April & May that AK is closing @6pm, then I would say it’s just very unlucky.

Can you tell us what dates and restaurants are affected?

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Aren’t they doing some Special dining package at CRT? Maybe they sold those out and decided to expand it to more dates to make a few bucks extra?


They had to reschedule our Akershus meal time, but it was only shifted by about 30 minutes and next time I opened MDE they had given us a Soarin’ FP+.


4 months out

I have two CRT and they are attempting to change or cancel both.

I’m thinking that’s likely what’s occurring here at CRT.

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Do you see availability for the package? I’d be inclined to tell them I’ll take the package but pay normal prices.

Seems pointless if they end up giving away much to reschedule people, but I guess a lot of people just won’t complain

They are offering a 4pm dinner instead of a 5:45 dinner.

take 4pm, then order drinks and appitizers until you’re ready to order dinner


CRT is prix-fixe and you order apps and entree together. They will try to get you out. I doubt you could linger they long there. I would ask for something in return for moving my reservation- one meal comped, extra FPP etc.