Disney busses and PPO ADR

So I just snagged the two PPO ADRs I was hoping for (BOG and Akershus) - YAY! But now I’m worried about transportation. We are staying at POP. Will it work to take the Disney busses to get to MK and Epcot in time for an 8:00 reservation? If not, will uber or lyft work for a party of 6? I’d rather not pay the $25 for Minnie Vans both times but I will if I need to.


I also have PPO ADRs and my understanding is the busses begin running early enough to be at MK or EP by 0730 or 0745 to allow time to get to ADR. I can’t be more specific then that but I plan to be at the bus by 715 or so at Pop for 800 ADR.

Yes buses will work. They start running around 6.30-45am. The front desk will tell you they start an hour before park opening but it’s not true.

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If you go the Uber route to MK, get an XL that will accommodate 6 but plan extra time to get from TTC to gate by monorail.

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Because of what @mgrayar said about Uber XL having to stop at the TTC, they don’t offer much of a time advantage over the bus at MK, IMHO.

So I think it comes down to Minnie Van vs bus for our BOG PPO. Leaning toward Minnie Van just because I don’t want to get up early to catch the bus. Well, I don’t want to have to get the offspring up early, let’s put it that way. :wink:

You wouldn’t get the uber to the TTC, you’d go to the Contemporary and it’s a 10 min walking the MK gates. Maybe slightly longer if you have little kids not in a stroller.

Yeah, I thought about that but I have also heard the guards there can give you the stink eye over it so I’m not all that keen on that option. Although I guess if I really wanted to be sure that didn’t happen, I could do a bump and run ADR there. But that’s a lot of thinking early in the morning!

However, I do intend to do it in reverse- taking Uber from the Contemporary to our resort.

They might but it’s much quicker.

But I do so hate getting stink eye.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Although I’m generally quite good at talking my way into or out of things, so I should give it a shot. Sigh. Maybe.

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When’s your trip? I wouldn’t try it at Christmas or spring break, but in quieter times you shouldn’t have much trouble.

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The PPO at BOG is May 23, which might be an okay day to attempt it, but the 2nd MK day is the Saturday of Memorial Day so that might be a good day to call a Minnie Van. Although, we don’t go over there until the late afternoon so I, er my kids, would probably be up in time to take the bus :smile:

I basically have our vacation starting early on the first day or two and getting progressively later because I know that’s how they roll. I’m the only early bird in a family of night owls.

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Hey, that’s a good idea. I’m the early bird in a family of night owls as well. Last trip, DD told me not to ever schedule early ADRs again. She couldn’t keep up. We were doing early morning to late night every day. She couldn’t keep up by the 4th day.

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Well, they start out enthusiastic but their late hours and natural clocks catch up with them quickly. From many, many vacations I know this is what is going to happen, so I might as well just plan it that way. We’ll be at BWI so if they want to hit EMH at DHS on a late start day, they can. But I bet they won’t. :wink:

I, however, will be up with the chickens taking in the Boardwalk and doing RD to my heart’s content. Then I don’t get snippy about their late-rising habits and they’re not grumpy being roused too early.


Excellent strategy!

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