Disney Bundle MDE password?

After signing up for the “Disney Bundle” it seems all my Disney passwords have been changed to the streaming password. Does anyone know if there is a way to bifurcate the passwords?

I didn’t think so, they are unified… This link at Plan Disney seems to support my guess https://plandisney.disney.go.com/question/disneyplus-account-profiles-account-thing-disneygo-440438/

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Thank you! That is a huge bummer for me.

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They cannot be … bifurcated … or otherwise differentiated from one another.

Neat huh? :wink:

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Super neat. Ugh!

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I was wondering why I couldn’t get into MDE today. This makes sense now

I am failing to see why this is a problem. I love the fact that all my Disney accounts use the same login info.

I can see it being a problem for password sharing Disney+, which really should be avoided anyway.

Oh. Yeah. That’s not allowed, so I wouldn’t do that anyhow…

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Perhaps Juan would like their kids to get into Disney+ without issue but not be able to get into their MDE and see a surprise trip in the works. Just for an example


Yes I’d rather not have kids having access to everything. (Hulu, ESPN, shopping, etc)


I already had the same password for Disney+, MDE, and DCL Navigator. I got a notice on my Roku that I had to change the D+ password to match the others. Meh. I went to a browser, changed the password, then changed it back so I wouldn’t have to re-log in everywhere.

For sure.

I share my D+ login within my household for kids devices etc. I trust my family but I’d rather my MDE acct wasn’t connected to my D+.

In my mind tv streaming is a different service than my travel logins and I don’t want them touching. Just like I want my apple sauce a gravy on opposite sides of the plate or chaos may ensue! :smiley:

(Mine aren’t connected because I use different emails for all my accounts, but I know it happened to a lot of people at the start of D+ that their acts merged because of a single email used.)


My kids don’t know the login for our D+ account, but they can watch D+ no problem because we set up profiles for each of them in the household. They just launch D+ and select their profile.

It isn’t clear to me why you would need to give them the login information.

Every family operates differently based on their own needs. Simple as that.


Point is…there is no need to give login information for Disney+ to ANYONE other than the account owner.

That’s just not true, Ryan.

There are cases (for example, a kid at college) when they would need it.

It may be true for you and for your family but that doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone.


Definitely not true. If your kids are using their tablets to watch and not the family TV, they need the password to log in.


That’s fair enough.

Disagree here. You login for them, and they are good to go. No? Same as me logging into our Roku TVs and then everyone can use it on their own profile. If I want my kids to be able to access it from their phone/tablet, I would just login for them.

Not always practical when the device logs you out and you need to sign in again!

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