Disney Bounding for 5 year old DS

This is our 3 trip with DS and I am making him a Peter Pan outfit for MNSSHP and he has now said he wants to wear costumes to the parks on other days.?His dress up outfits all are thick and will be too hot. Any ideas of relevant disney outfits that are weather appropriate that I can make or allude to with clothes?

All ideas great fully received

My ds12 is planning on bounding next year. Donald is easy white shorts or trousers blue shirt red bow tie similar idea with Mickeys colours. Wreck it ralph check shirt over t shirt and trousers has been mentioned. Lots of ideas if you google it or look on pintrest

I’m making DS 5 a fix it felix costume for MNSSHP, then he wants to be a pirate, so I’ll make that too. I also thought about making a jedi outfit for him, but I don’t know if I want to buy another pattern. And now since Disney also owns Avengers Super Hero costumes are on the table too!

ooh, following! You never hear about good ‘prince’ outfits :slight_smile: love these!

A few years ago my 5DS dressed as Prince Eric. He wore jeans, white shirt and a red sash. He also wore boot shoe covers froma pirate costume but you don’t need them for the effect. Ariel LOVED him! She kissed him on the cheek which stayed for about 2 days (what’s in their lipstick?). He still talks about it 2 years later.

He also wore a Peter pan costume and got lots of attention from tinker bell and Peter pan.

He is already plotting what he wants to dress as for our next trip!

Boys in costume get much more attention for the characters then the girls since it is a rarer thing. My DSL defiantly stole the show at the princess dinner dressed as prince Eric and it was so easy. I think my daughter dressed in a beautiful Belle costume was jealous.