Disney boardwalk dining

Where to eat at disney boardwalk area, Flying Fish is closing down before i get there in April, Any suggestions??

Limited quality options on the actual Boardwalk without - would look at BC/YC, Swalphin or Epcot as they are all within 10 mins. Depends what you are looking for - choices from ice cream at beaches and cream to signature restaurants.

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Thanks, will look into a few other options nearby, do you know if there is anything to do on the boardwalk to kill a few hours at night?

Trattoria Al Forno has been getting REALLY good reviews.

ETA: for entertainment, there’s Jellyrolls. There’s a cover fee, but it’s lots of fun.

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There are street performers to kill a little time. There were also bikes to rent. ESPN if you want to watch sports. We had a nice breakfast at Trattoria last week, and a nice casual dinner at Beaches and Cream. Our friends stayed at beach club, and thought Captains Grille was ok, but not great. They also visited an ice cream/burger place at the swan or dolphin that is somewhat like beaches and cream, but with more availability. I think it was the fountains? Can watch the fireworks from certain locations (kind of). Its a nice place to stroll around. Very relaxing.

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Thanks for the input