Disney Bans Ice, Smoking and Large Strollers from Entering Theme Parks

Yes! Disney is taking the first steps to my proposed stroller ban - my ultimate goal would be no strollers except for the folding umbrella-type. Death to those ankle-killing monstrosities!


You’ve never seen me clear a crowd with my umbrella stroller if you think your ankles are safe!


I think you’ll be pretty surprised at what is actually banned with these rules. 90% of double strollers are within the guidelines. It’s the stroller wagons that will take the hardest hit.

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It’s particularly effective if you pick up and swing it


I was a little unclear in my original post (which I have edited) - this is the first step towards my ultimate goal of only folding umbrella-type strollers allowed. I agree that the current ban still lets a lot of strollers in.


The problem with MOST umbrella type strollers is that their intentionally small size makes them VERY awkward to push when you are average height or more. My wife loved to push the small travel stroller we had (not an umbrella, but close enough…we also had an umbrella stroller, but they offer no storage). But she is only 5 ft tall. I’m 5’ 10". For me, pushing the stroller meant I had to hunch over it because otherwise my arms weren’t long enough to reach the handles! I’d end up with a terrible back ache.

“Normal” strollers never had this problem for me.


That’s fine, but those strollers should be mandatory whether you have kids or not so that everyone can see is kind of hard to maneuver them through a crowd.

Ah, you are beginning to see my cunning plan. Make strollers so inconvenient that people do not use them at all. :slight_smile:

they aren’t cheap, but my wife bought 2 tall umbrella strollers when my kids were little. Much easier for tall people.

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Silly boy. Disney would never eliminate a source of revenue. They will eventually ban all types of strollers so that you have no choice but to use THEIR strollers…for the associated fee, of cours!

The fee will get a lot higher, right?

I’m not a smoker, but I have to admit that I’m really surprised by the no smoking thing. My husband seems to think this is linked to Disney’s ability to increase capacity in the parks by taking the smoking areas away, but I don’t really think that’s it. Anyone know what may have motivated that? I’ve not really noticed people smoking outside those areas much – not enough to constitute a widespread problem. I’m now worried you’ll see more people smoking in the parks because they have nowhere in the parks to go. I guess we’ll see.

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Possibly not. Two ways to increase revenue here. Either force more people to rent strollers at the current price, or raise the price but assume a static number of people using them.

I have little doubt in my mind that the elimination of the Keenz is a step toward driving people from going to a third-party to rent strollers and just rent them from Disney directly in the parks. They don’t have t raise prices. They, instead, drive up number of customers.

If it was really all about money i think they would just charge a gate fee for bringing strollers in to the park.

If we look at it from an economic point of view, banning strollers (and not allowing any Disney rentals) would free up a lot of room in the parks. All the stroller parking areas could be converted to food and gift kiosks - ca-ching!

But that would look too unfamily friendly.

The eliminate of Keenz and other wagon strollers, can be “advertised” as having justification outside of any monetary reason. I mean, it is in everyone’s best interest. Right? Perhaps. But nevermind they will likely benefit financially, at least somewhat.

But if Disney started charging families for strollers, there would be an unrising!

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Yes…but one of their main target audiences…families (who often have infants in tow) would be extremely unhappy about this and possibly even not go. That’s revenue loss, not gain. We are repeat customers to Disney in great part to their family-friendliness. Where else can I ride so many things with my hand-held infant, for example? But if Disney suddenly said, “Sorry. You can’t have strollers,” then we just wouldn’t go until the kids are older. For us, the time period with infants included about 4 trips to Disney.


Let’s turn on the WABAK Machine and look at a little Disney utopia:

Plenty of families. Next to no strollers.

And submarines!! :smiley:


Different time period. Easily collapsible, lightweight strollers were not readily available then.

ETA: 52 seconds in, stroller sightings. at least two in one shot!


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