Disney App with other party

I am undecided on what to do. I need help. I have a trip in May. Part of my party is arriving
on 15th I am arriving 16th. Do I give them my login info? They will need it to get ROR boarding pass. I have all the reservations attached to my app along with the room confirmation. I do not want to lose anything. We were suppose to all go together but now half of my party can’t get there until 16th.

Can one of them get their own MDE account and link it to yours?

I don’t see why they can’t. Will that get them access without mess up any of the reservations? I am paying for the entire trip. So I want them to be able to scan there bands and it go to my bill. I didn’t know if they got their own account if that was possible.

You will still be the lead. You have them on the reservation and if you have linked your credit card it should be fine. You will need to assign a pin to each of them? Tell them the pin.

Thanks. I have realized that I would be getting all the text messages and emails about when the room was ready, room number, mobile orders, boarding passes (hopefully). That would be a nightmare to relay.