Disney app vs. Lines

If anyone used both apps, I would be interested to know which one is more useful at Disneyland. Thanks

Both are valuable and have their uses. For wait time estimates, I’d recommend using the TP app.

Thanks. What are the major differences or pluses for each?

The DL app is much more useful at Disneyland than the TP Lines app. This is very different than at WDW. I go several times a year, and only use the Lines app for chat. The DL app is great. It has accurate wait times and fastpass return times. There are very few Liners who put in actual wait times at DL, most of the regulars on chat no longer do as we use a combo of maxpass/fastpass and single rider lines for most rides, also the wifi there is terrible and many do not want to use their data plans for submitting wait times. This causes the app to not work well for expected waits in the last few years. We were just discussing this on chat recently, if you want more up to date discussion, join us on the chat feature of the TP app. There are many more liners there than here on the forum.

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This is all good to know.

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Thanks for the quick and very helpful reply.

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Ditto everything @Wahoohokie said! I’m one of those chatters that has a hard time being able to submit wait times. Even now that we have an unlimited data plan so using data isn’t such a pain anymore, I find that lately (ever since the spotty WiFI was added) the app is veeery slow in the park even when I am running off of data so rather than fight to submit wait times, I use the time to get the Disney app pulled up as much as possible to check for available FPs.

I was just there and just used the DL app. I was using MP and it was just easier to do it that way, rather than go back and forth between two apps. I checked wait time differences periodically between the two apps and when I did, they seemed to be same in in most cases.