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Hi - our family of 6 is leaving this Thursday for our first Disney trip in 7 years. I have entered our ticket info into the disney App and gotten a couple of fast passes for the the whole group. I will have 3 other family members with me with iPhones and want all of them to be able to try to get a boarding group for rise of the resistance. I sent them all an email inviting them to join, but when they did they only have their own ticket info. Not all the 5 family members. I’m sorry if this has been asked 100 other times. I can’t find it. Do they all need to scan all the tickets or how do they link with me?

Does your family of 6 each have their own MDE account? Or are they all managed by you? If they are all managed by you, only you will be able to get a BG for the entire 9 person group. Or at least that was my experience earlier this month. You want to make sure you can see the other 3 in your friends and family list, which you should be able to test out now by trying to book a FP. If you can see everyone there you will be good for the BG. If you need more help getting the 3 people linked, let me know!

There is someplace in MDE where you have to share your plans with each other.

In the App, go to My Profile, then select “Family and Friends List”. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and you should see a heading, “Want to Share Your list?” Make sure you have “Yes” selected.

They will need to do the same.

I can’t recall if there is another step or not.

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Aha! This is what I was missing for my last trip. Great catch.

Yes, it’s something like that. It does work once all settings are correct.

There were 4 of us with MDE accounts, plus 2 that were managed by me. After everyone friended each other and clicked to share plans, all 4 could book BG for everyone, including the ones managed by me. I just had to accept those friend requests and adjust the settings. (When the friend request came in on the app, I think it was unclear who they were friending, but I just kept accepting everything.)

ok thanks for the help. My husband and I have clicked yes to share the list. Now have to get the teenagers to actually look at the email I sent them to join…

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