Disney animatronics

Bit of an odd question! My 12 year old son is mad about animatronics and is researching all the Disney ones (past and present) ahead of our visit later this year. Does anyone know if there’s some kind of behind the scenes tour or special event where he could get up close and get more information about the mechanics and background to them whilst we’re there?

I would love to know also. We have a trip planned for July and my youngest daughter (8) is doing the same. She tells us daily what animatronics are on which ride and loves the videos of them breaking down.

I’m not aware of a tour for it, but certainly understand the curiosity. Curious - what is your son upset about? I found The Imagineering Story on Disney+ provided pretty good insight on rides and animatronics. The most in depth I’ve seen.

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I don’t have an answer either, but I (too) definitely recommend watching The Imagineering Story

Language difference there I think - when I say he’s mad about animatronics that’s my British way of saying he loves them, lol!!
I think he’s actually hoping rides will break down so we can get out and walk to get a closer look at them!
I’ll have to look for the Imagineering programme on YouTube, thanks.


Lol! It’s not you, it’s me. I’m too literal at times.

One thought might be the meal with an imagineer? Never done but maybe someone on here has. Sounds like your kid would love that!

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I’ve heard that reservation is nearly impossible to get, though. Supposed to be one of the hardest there is at WDW.

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As of October 2017, the Backstage Magic tour included a stop at the American Heritage Theater in EPCOT. Timing of the stop was arranged to be between shows and you would go below the stage and see the animatronics control system, the elevator that shuffles the scenes and lifts them into the active stage as well as the animatronic figures themselves.

There are many other interesting stops that reveal a number of the backstage operations and includes a lunch as part of the price. Beware that this is an extended length tour and consumes a substantial portion of a day. A park entry ticket IS NOT required.

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Oh really? Well that makes sense!

That sounds great but I’ve just looked and kids have to be 14. My son will be 13. Never mind, sure he’ll get a kick out of seeing the animatronics whilst on the rides. Thanks anyway.

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Backstage tour looks AMAZING, just what my son would love, but $275 each, seriously??!!! Why are Disney pricing these extras so far out of reach? They should offer a shorter version for those of us who aren’t made of money! I’d love to treat him but I don’t think I can stretch to $500 sadly. :frowning:

The animatronics are amazing!

Thank you all so much for all the information. My daughter is too young for the tour also. My daughter is on the autism spectrum so we are unsure of how her first trip will go for us but she is crossing her fingers one of the rides breaks down too so she can see the animatronics up close :grinning:

I’m guessing you’ve already seen this, but just in case…

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I have not. Thank you so much :heart:

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