Disney and the NFL have teamed up to take more money from folks who are fans of both

New line of Mickey, Marvel and Star Wars - NFL Team t-shirts

The Mickey Mouse, Star Wars and Marvel inspired collections are now available at NFLShop.com, Fanatics.com, JunkFoodClothing.com, participating Lid’s and Rally House stores, NFL team retail locations and on-site NFL Shop retail locations at the NFL Draft in Cleveland.


Hmm. I LOVE football. And I LOVE Disney.

I…don’t think I like Disney in my football.

Also, it reminds me how annoyed I get when I have to schlep all the way to DS or DTD to watch my game.


My sons will love the Star Wars and Marvel ones! Just take my money now…

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I cannot justify buying all four but maybe two… but which two to buy, which two.

Very Cool! We’re Cleveland Browns season ticket holders and this may be the only way I can get my hubby to wear a Disney shirt.

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The Mickey ones at least make some sense thematically (especially to wear around the parks). The SW & Marvel ones are just the team name on top of unrelated characters… Not sure I like them.


Wish they were available in Kids sizes as well.

They have had Star Wars NHL (and MLB too I think) shirts for at least a year on Fanatics that come in all sizes including kids because I got my best friend and her kids some MN Wild Star Wars gear for Christmas last year. So hopefully they do the same for NFL!

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