Disney and selfie sticks

Good to see this


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Eh. It’s unfortunate that people were abusing it to the point where they had to be banned, but I find it disappointing. It’s difficult to get a good picture with the characters when going solo, especially if your phone is your only camera. Even if a photopass photog is there, they have difficulty getting close enough to do it well, as I learned on my last trip. I was looking forward to bringing one for that purpose. That said, they are definitely a safety hazard on rides. If people can’t be trusted to manage their own behavior, Disney has an obligation to step in and keep all of their guests safe. I suppose that this will mean fewer obstructions when viewing Wishes, though. That’s a definite bonus!

Never be shy to ask the person behind you in line to take your picture and then volunteer to take theirs!

They had to stop a coaster at DL today because of selfie stick use - http://preview.tinyurl.com/p3hejxg

Oh, I’m not! But I really prefer pictures of myself that don’t feature my lower body, and it’s hard to frame the shot in a way that I find flattering without getting into my personal space. I’ve got a Memory Maker share this time, so hopefully that will help with getting the photos
I want. And I’ve still got two good arms to try snapping a selfie with!

I would have been furious and terrified at the same time if I were stuck up there for that long. I am okay with heights as long as the ride is moving, but if standing still, TERRIFIED! Whomever pulled that out needs to be banned for life.

I know! I hate heights and don’t trust roller coasters anyway, so I’d be a basket case by the time they got me down. Why do some folks always think rules are for other people?