Disney After Hours Transportation

Hi all.

My solo trip plans are starting to firm up.

One of the days I will be at TMK is also a “Disney After Hours” evening. I’m not planning on going - I won’t pay for a double-admission on a day that’s listed as a 4 on the crowd tracker.

But my question is this - on those nights, is the monorail running all night? I’ll leave the park after the fireworks, but it’s only 9pm, and I’m wondering about the feasibility of resort-hopping around the Seven Seas Lagoon and checking out a few drinks that evening.

So we went to DAH in July and when it was over (1 am) none of the monorails were running. It was only boats to the hotels and ferry to the TTC. Not sure if that’s the norm.

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I did DAH in June. They run buses to the resorts. There are no monorails.

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All transportation gets really cray cray after FWs, at least every time we’ve been there. If you’d like to do a monorail resort crawl, I would take a leisurely stroll over to CR 1st, enjoy that resort. Wait a while til about maybe 9:45-10, then monorail over to other 2 resorts.

I’ve forgotten how long after “official” park close the monorails operate, I think it’s 2 hours, so until 11 that night?

Maybe another Liner has the info re the monorail evening times?