Disney after hours september 2020

Hi Everyone. Planning a September trip to Universal but would like to do a Disney After Hours event when we are there. Are these done all year round, does anyone know when September dates would be announced? Also, any chance that they would offer this at HWS or is it only AK and MK?

You can look at historical info on the TP Crowd Calendar to get an idea of when DAH events take place and which nights.

Disney doesn’t have a set time when they announce this. It’ll just “pop up” one day. When it does though it’ll be posted all over the internet and here for sure.

Since the opening of SW:GE there haven’t been any special events at DHS. The crowds there keep the parks operating at near full capacity, making it hard to shut down early for an event. Will this continue into Sept? I’m guessing probably so…

However, I do HIGHLY recommend doing DAH at AK. IME - you can do more rides in those 4 hours than in 10 regular park hours!


Hope some suitable dates get released for you.
Just wanted to say that this is what we have planned for our July trip - mostly at UOR with a sprinkling of VAH. Should make for a leisurely trip. Enjoy!

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Last year Disney was really slow on announcing DAH dates.

Keep in mind that for MK that DAH, MNSSHP and MVMCP would compete for nighttime park hours. I don’t recall any MK DAH from Sept thru Dec last year.

Last year September dates were announced May 22nd

I also found one November and one December date for MK.

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There’s a whole thread for each DAH event over on the disboards with historical information and release date info as well as information on when/if they have sold out. Checking out the MK thread (as that’s the one I currently have a tab open for) the September DAH was held each Thursday. I hope something falls within your trip dates.

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Yes, the dates in the TP blog post are Thursdays.

Thanks everybody! I’ve got eyes everywhere lol

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We did a DAH at MK either December 7 or 9, 2019 (I can’t quite recall which) but I think it was the only date in December. It was great. We also did the AK DAH and that was fabulous too. Historically speaking, they will continue with these events but it’s a bit nerve wracking waiting for future dates to pop up so you can plan accordingly.