Disney After Hours question

So the first round of DAH is out and there’s one for AK in March that would work just before our cruise. Do I go for it? We weren’t going to do any WDW days, because of the cruise, but DH did say something or other about one last chance to see the World before the teens go off into their own university lives. We can’t afford a lot of extra time off school, mind you, so doing the ‘whole’ World is out. But would one night of AK suffice?

Also, would it be worth it? We all love FOP and I assume we’d be able to ride that at least, what, twice? Or is that optimistic?

I enjoy the Safari, but I’ve only ever been in the daytime. The kids would like EE a few times, but other than that, would we get our money’s worth out of and AK DAH? Are the shows playing at night? would RoL be included? Would KRS be shut down yet again (like our last 2 March trips)

Also, can you go on the animal walks or is there much to see in the dark? It really is a different world at night.

You do get to enter the park earlier than DAH actually starts so you should be able to see the night shows at their normal times. They do this so you can see the shows. We haven’t done AK yet but did MK. We just bought tickets to AK for Jan. We loved MK and actually couldn’t do every ride during the allocated time. It was close though. We expect there to be less offered at AK but we’re ok with that since the big ones (FoP Navi River and Everest) are offered and we won’t be so rushed like MK DAH.